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Playing Rummy In Online Casinos In India: Play To Win Real Money

Rummy is a classic casino game played across the world. Rummy is exciting, action-packed, and challenging; it keeps you coming back for more. For the longest time, newcomers and casino enthusiasts could play a serious rummy in brick-and-mortar institutions, but that is changing. You can now play your favourite casino games, like rummy online! How exciting is that!

With online casino websites becoming more and more popular in India, you have the choice to play rummy in the comfort of your home while having the chance to win real money.

Playing rummy online is just like playing offline, if not better. With this article, we give you the low down of everything you need to know to play rummy online in India.

How Do I Play Rummy?

The rules for this game are quite simple. All you have to do is to arrange the cards in your hand in two sequences. Of the two sequences, at least one has to be a pure sequence. The remaining cards should be arranged as valid sequences or in sets.

Types Of Rummy

Interestingly, Rummy first originated in 19th century Mexico, known as Conquian. It has enjoyed a broad audience since then. Since then, many variants of the game have emerged across the world. They are:

  • Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is said to be a refined version of the original rummy. It is played with 2 decks of cards. In this version of the game, the joker card is used quite extensively.

  • 13 cards rummy

This is a popular format of the game that uses 13 cards and the joker, which is randomly selected. Players use a single deck of cards, and the actual printed Joker is taken out of the deck.

  • Gin rummy

Gin rummy is very popular among players in Europe. It is played between 2 players, with each one holding 10 cards each. In India, this game is often played as a variation to the original rummy.

  • 500 rummy

This game is known by many names like 500 rum and Pinochle Rummy. The game is played between 2 and 8 players with a standard deck of cards. In the online version of the game, the game over when the final cards are drawn have been put down.

  • Kalooki

Also known as Kaluki or Kalookie, this is a game that is popular in North America and Europe.

  • Oklahoma rummy

The Oklahoma rummy is a refined version of Gin rummy. It is played between two and four people with a deck of cards.

Tip And Tricks To Win At Rummy

The secret to winning at rummy is to practice and use some key strategies that can vastly improve your game. Here are some other strategies you can employ to make your game better and help you win some big prizes:

  • Aim for pure sequences. Having a pure sequence in rummy is a guaranteed strategy for winning the hand.
  • Discard your high-value cards. Holding on to them in the hopes of making a high scoring sequence increases the risk of loss if the opponents declare a high-ranking sequence before you.
  • Value the joker card. In online rummy, the joker card can be used creatively to increase or decrease your points based on how the other players are moving.
  • It is imperative to use your middle cards. Cards like number 5, and are incredibly versatile as they help you build up a sequence of a pure sequence really well.
  • You need to keep track of your opponents’ cards and activities. In online rummy, you can look at their discarded cards. This can give you an idea of the sequence they are trying to build.
  • Another important tip is to constantly rearrange your cards. If you constantly rearrange your cards, you can reveal a hidden pattern or sequence that could lead to winning. Move the cards around constantly. Even after you have declared a winning sequence, be sure to rearrange the cards so that you can maximize your points and cut the losses.
  • Consider dropping the game if you are dealt a bad hand. Sometimes it is easier to lose 20 points by dropping a game rather than losing a lot more if you play with poor cards.
  • Overall, your main aim should be to reduce points. Either of your opponent or for yourself. If you see that you may lose the round, it is best to with a small score. You can achieve this by discarding all the higher point cards like the Ace, King, Queen, and Jacks and see if your opponent declares themselves as the winner.

Why Should You Play Rummy Online In India?

Playing Rummy online is a great way to spend your free time, especially with friends and family. It is always fun to organize game nights and get all your loved ones together. Moreover, since you can play rummy online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  Additionally, you reap the benefits of online casinos and the chance to win real money that comes with online casino websites.

Most online casinos offer discounts, rewards, and free plays for new members to their online platform. All you have to do is create your free online account and start playing. They give you options between multiple versions and tables of rummy. As you practice and become smarter at the game, you can think of dealing in real money. Online casinos in India employ secure modes of transaction like Paytm and net banking to help you transfer money in and out of your bank account and online player account.

So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up on the best online casino you can find and start playing rummy for real money. Who knows, you could hit the jackpot?

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