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Online Slots: Play for real money in India

Online casino games are gaining immense popularity in India. Virtual casinos have opened up new avenues for newcomers and casino enthusiasts alike. They make it easy to play your favourite casino classics in the comfort of your home.

For newcomers, we recommend they start with slots. It is the easiest game to master in the casino, and it is best played online. Slots provide the perfect opportunity for amateur casino enthusiasts to hone their gambling skills, observing and winning prize money before moving onto advanced casino classics like poker and baccarat.

Different Types Of Slot Games

As you make your way through the catalogue of slot machine games on casinos, you will encounter many variants of the game. Here are some common varieties that you may encounter online:

  • Payline slots

This is the most common slot machine used in physical and online casinos. In this format, the symbols have to align with the predefined or pre-determined format to count as a winning pattern.

  • Ways-to-win slots

In these kinds of slot machines, the player has to land all the normal symbols on the reel. This has a large number of combinations that create wins for the player.

  • Cluster-pay slots

In cluster pay slots, you play without reels. The idea is to have several symbols that connect to create a cluster, leading to a win. This is very similar to mobile games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, where you have to pair the same symbols in a cluster to win points. If you have mastered these mobile games, then playing online cluster pay slots will be relatively easy for you.

Now that you are broadly aware of the basic format of slot machines available in online casinos, it is essential to know how to operate these machines and maximize your winning chances.

How To Play Slots

We have compiled a handy guide for you to understand how slots work and get in line with the basics. With these tips and tricks, you can vastly improve your chances to win a game that is purely based on luck.

Firstly, you need to know how a slot machine functions. The basic slot machine works like a traditional slot machine that consists of three reels that spin various patterns. The idea is to spin till you get the winning pattern.

The online slot machines at Indian casinos operate slightly differently. They are a bit more complicated as they have more than three reels and additional pay lines. However, the concept of the game remains the same.

For instance, if you are playing a six-reel slot, you have to match the identical symbols on the reels with the pay lines you have selected. There can be many ways of matching the pay lines: via a straight line, diagonally, or zigzag. It all depends on the pattern you choose.

It is quite evident that slots are a game of chance and opportunity. There is not much strategy associated with the game. However, if you play a slot machine long enough, you can gauge the pattern of the machine spins, which can increase your chances of winning. Here some other tips to keep in mind when playing on the slot machine:

  • Most slot machines have 25 pay lines, which means you have 25 different combinations that can lead to a winning lottery.
  • The pay lines directly correlate to your odds of winning. Therefore, if you select fewer pay lines, your possibilities to win shrink and vice versa.
  • In many slot machines, the amount you invest depends on the number of pay lines you are playing. Therefore, if you are playing a large number of pay lines, you are spending a lot more than when you play less number of pay lines and conserve cash.
  • While slot machines are primarily based on luck, you can use the return to player (RTP) percentage to improve your winning odds. Players use this strategy in both online and brick and mortar casinos to gain the maximum returns form slot machines. The RTP refers to the percentage of money wagered that is given back to players by the slot. It reflects on the slot’s reliability and volatility. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 80%, then it is likely that you will see at least 80% of your winning back. However, this is not a solid guarantee and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Why Should You Play Slots Online In India?

This is easy to answer – playing online slots is possibly the most entertaining way to spend time with yourself, friends, and family. Online casino websites with free slots games make it easy for you to practice your game and hone your skills for the pro tables. Moreover, online websites provide ease of access that brick and mortar establishments cannot.

Online casinos tend to have slot machines with a higher return to player (RTP) percentage. They often range from 80-90 percent. This gives newcomers and pros a higher chance of winning while playing online slots.

With a higher percentage of RTP, newcomers to the casino world can indulge in their wish to pay and earn money in the casino. The slot machines offer a low-risk high reward environment for players to grow and cultivate their playing skills.

Moreover, online casinos offer their users and clients free play opportunities and rewards and points they can encash for real-world benefits. We encourage you to take advantage of such benefits, for you can vastly improve your game and enjoy some rewards on the side.

Once you have acquired a proficiency level in the game of slots, online casinos let you bet in real money. Often bets can go up to lakhs of rupees. So, if you are in the mood for trying some exhilarating games with risks and big rewards, you need to sign up to an online casino and start playing.


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