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Playing Andar Bahar Online India For Real Money

Andar Bahar is very popular among families and friends in India. It is something that is played when there is a huge gathering of people. In online casinos, you can experience that same camaraderie in the comfort of your home. Online casinos are becoming all the rage in India. They not only give you the ease of access to play Andar bahar anywhere but come with special rewards and bonuses, along with the chance to win real money!

We urge you to try your luck in a fast, immersive, and thrilling environment of online casinos.

The best thing about Andar bahar is that it can be played anywhere, both online and physically. All you need is a standard deck of cards – no game tables, no wheels, no chips, none of the additional requirements that are needed for other card-based games. It becomes even easier when you play the game online. The game becomes genuinely portable and mobile. You can enjoy the fun and excitement of Andar bahar on your phone, PC, tablet, or any other media consumption device.

How To Play Andar Bahar

While this is a simple game to master, you must know some ground rules before starting playing. The rules don’t vary much from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos.

  • To start the game, the deck is cut in equal halves to reveal a card shown to all players.
  • Players then place their wagers on whether the same face value card will appear on the left (Andar) or the right (Bahar). Hence the name of the game, Andar bahar.
  • The cards are then dealt with the players who are playing the game, respectively. If the first card is of a black suit, then the card is first dealt with Andar. Conversely, if the first card is of a red suit, then the cards are dealt with by the bahar group first.
  • If there are any additional bets made, then two are dealt with the groups, and the players are allowed to place their final bets on the cards.
  • The cards are dealt alternatively to each of the betting spots, as the players watch in anticipation.
  • If the same card is dealt, then the round ends with no winners
  • However, if you make the correct wager, either Andar or bahar, then you win and get the payout.
  • All the other bets lost go to the dealer.

For non-Hindi speakers, the terminology may be slightly complex to grasp, but as you play and practice, you will be able to remember and use them effectively.

Additional Rules And Regulations

Placing Bets

When playing Andar Bahar online, you need to register a minimum wager before you start participating. This can be as low as 10 rupees and as high as 10,000. You also have the choice in the table you want to play at, or you can choose to play at a live casino table.

It all depends on your budget and personal tastes. You will have a few minutes after the dealers cut the deck to place your bets.

Additional Side Bets

In some variants and online casinos, you can place additional side bets, making the game all the more interesting. Players can also make bets on the card that the dealer cuts. These stakes can get very wacky, like guessing the lead cards suits or the number above and below the card. In online play, bets are placed by clicking on the chip amount and then on the card.


The payouts for Andar Bahar are made of the player accurately guesses when the matching card number appears. Payouts can also happen if the players guess the correct suit and if it appears Andar or Bahar.

If the matching card shows up on the same side of the card dealt, then the player receives a 90% payout of the wager made. Alternatively, if the card shows up on the other side of the card dealt, then the player wins 100% of the bet made, making the earnings double.

Winning Tricks

Andar Bahar is an intuitive and robust card game to play. It can be enjoyed by everyone, from newcomers to casino enthusiasts of the game. But there is not much a player can do to increase their chances of winning the bet. Unlike Teen Patti, which can be strategized, Andar Bahar is a game of pure luck. As with most games based on chance and luck, there are not many strategy guides to help you win.

However, it does help immensely to know the game rules in and out, how the dealer operates, and how the bets are placed. Once you have mastered all of this, you can be confident in your game.

Why Play Online Andar Bahar In India?

Playing Andar bahar online can be a fun way to spend your free time, especially with family and friends. You can organize game nights and spend quality time. Moreover, since the game is played online, you don’t have to leave your home’s comfort while enjoying the benefits and the chance to win real money that come with online casino websites.

Most online casinos offer discounts, rewards, and free plays for new members to their online platform. All you have to do is create your free online account and start playing. They give you options between multiple versions and tables of Andar bahar. As you practice and become smarter at the game, you can think of dealing in real money. Online casinos in India use safe modes of transaction like Paytm and net banking to help you transfer money in and out of your bank account.

So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up on the best online casino you can find and start playing Andar Bahar for real money. Who knows, you could hit the jackpot?

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